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 If you have tried to donate to the clubs gofundme page and were not able to donate, we have fixed it! Help us reach nationals this season!

 The Ball State Cardinal's competed against the Indy Inferno on Saturday. Game 1: 6-3 Cardinals. Goals Scored: L. Heer (2), M. Rodriguez (2), D. Gilmer (1), K. Smith (1). Assists: L. Heer (1), M. Rodriguez (1). Game 2: 8-2 Cardinals. Goals Scored: D. Gilmer (3), L. Heer (2), M. Rodriguez (2), K. Smith (1). Assists: L. Heer (4), M. Rodriguez (2). Game 3: 2-2 Tie Goals Scored: M. Rodriguez (1), G. Nichols (1). Assists: L. Heer (1). A big thanks to Indy Inferno for an awesome day of games! If you would like to support the Ball State Cardinals Power Soccer club, please consider donating to the club's gofundme page.

 If you are interested in supporting the Ball State Power Soccer team, consider sharing or, even donating to the club's fundraiser. All proceeds will go toward equipment expenses, league fees, and travel costs for competitions throughout the season! Help the Cardinals as we look to compete for a conference championship for the University! #ChirpChirp! 👌

 The Ball State Power Soccer Club is back and in our first season after being absent for 2 years. If you would like to help the program by donating, you can do so here at the following link. Your donations will help us travel and compete competitively in different tournaments around the state.