We welcome you to FanofAll.com! In order to have a successful time you must understand the processes to enjoy Cashback rewards. Purchases you make at any of the retailers located on FanofAll will only be credited if you click on the links to these stores from FanofAll.com and your browser is correctly setup. If any if these items are missed we cannot verify purchases and thus cannot give you cash back. At anytime, please review browser settings in our Support Section to ensure you are setup for success.

If you click a retailer, through FanofAll.com and then surf to another website or go into another browser we cannot guarantee that your purchase will be credited. You must click through FanofAll.com every time you want to purchase from one of the FanofAll.com retailers.

Cashback credit is not real time and can take up to 30 days to be credited. Unfortunately this is due to a verification requirement by our retailers. 

Any returns will result in loss of cashback credit for that return. If you have closed your account or have a balance less than cashback return will result in a bill to cover the loss.

At anytime you can reach out to Customer Service at service@fanofall.com or visit us at http://www.fanofall.com/support.